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Coastal Coastal Pilates Boutique Boutique was founded in 2009 & provides a Luxe, private & quaint boutique environment & an intimate experience offering sessions to fit your personal needs. We provide personalised private and semi-private Coastal Pilates Boutique reformer & rehabilitation classes, utilising small equipment such as bands, balls and rings – along with meditation & deep peace relaxation classes. We believe wellness is achieved with the mind, body & spirit functioning well.
Classes are progressive, tailored solely to achieve each clients personal goals. We work with our clients strengths, weaknesses and muscular imbalances to gain optimal results. We keep our reformer classes to a maximum of 4 participants in Paradise Point & 3 participants in Burleigh Heads to ensure you receive optimal instruction & attention to detail.
Our team of attentive, professional and friendly, highly trained & passionate instructors provide a non-threatening environment where we are committed to our clients. The atmosphere is relaxed and the studio beautiful with natural light, sweet music and hand crafted reformers. Complimentary herbal teas are also available for all clients to enjoy at the completion of their session.
As soon as you enter Coastal Coastal Pilates Boutique Boutique you will feel different, this will resonate into your lifestyle as you develop better posture, strength and confidence in your body.
Coastal Coastal Pilates Boutique Boutique is a comprehensive health and well being centre which also offers Womens’ Wellbeing Workshops & Retreats, Meditation & Sound Healing Classes.
Classes are by appointment only. Let us help you fall in love with movement. We believe Reformer Pilates is for everybody.Your body is our business


  • “To put it simply, Coastal Pilates Boutique has changed my life. For this, I thank Corinna and her wonderful, professional and supportive team at Coastal Pilates Boutique Boutique – especially Leo. I used to suffer from pain in my right shoulder daily due to a monotonous desk job (along with terrible posture!), but after starting with Corinna in her stunning studio back in April, I realised I had struck gold and this was the place for me. One reformer class a week and now having picked up the very addictive and fun ‘Barre Fusion’ class (weekly also), I am starting to transform myself. I walk differently, have improved posture, balance, strength, flexibility – and am even starting to form a set of abs!! As if this isn’t positive enough, I always walk out of every class tall, feeling ‘whole’ and smiling inside and out. What about my shoulder pains you ask? What shoulder pains? Gone! Posture? Let’s just say my mother doesn’t pick me up on it anymore. Win! Finding such a positive environment where I actually look forward to and enjoy working out, has given me to confidence to kick-start my new life. I am finally happy – every day”.

    Foodie extrodinaire
  • “Having moved back to Sydney, I am missing my reformer Coastal Pilates Boutique with Corinna. I was addicted to how amazing the classes made me feel – they found muscles I never even knew I had, my strength was built from the inside out, her knowledge and technique is unlike any other instructors I have come across. How I am missing your classes.”

    Lawyer & Fashion Stylist
  • “I honestly do not know where to begin. The support and nurturing that I received whilst at Coastal Pilates Boutique Boutique was enough to rival that of one’s best friend. I was encouraged to grow in ways I didn’t know I could. I have never felt as comfortable in any “exercise” environment as I did when I was in the studio. My back, neck and shoulder pain has been dramatically reduced. So much so that I no longer visit the Physio. The stress release that I received when doing Coastal Pilates Boutique was definitely an added bonus. What a great way to unwind from work! However, it was not all relaxation. I noticed that I was standing up straighter, had more confidence and had developed long, lean, strong core muscles. My clothing fit better, and I was into smaller sizes. I recommend Coastal Pilates Boutique Boutique to anyone who wants to strengthen their body, build lean, long muscles, improve their posture and create a strong core. I can not speak highly enough of Corinna and her studio. The service that she provides is second to none. I enjoyed every single class and made a lifelong friend.”

    Katie E
  • “For over ten years I have had severe back pain. I was always very active as a triathlete but after my fourth child, I was unable to run or play sport. I tried almost everything, from chiropractors and physios and injections but nothing seem to make a difference. Finally, I tried Coastal Pilates Boutique with Corinna. After six months of classes once or twice a week, my back pain has almost gone. I’ve forgotten what it is like to feel the jar of pain as I step down a gutter or pick clothes off the floor! I am mobile and active again and am so grateful to Corinna and team for giving the care and attention in classes to get results”!

    Mother & former Pilot
  • “I thought I should take the time to write a few words about the exemplary service I have received from Corinna at Coastal Pilates Boutique Boutique. I have been attending Coastal Pilates Boutique regularly twice a week for over a year and unlike other forms of exercise I look forward to these sessions every time. I am currently 33 weeks pregnant and throughout my pregnancy Corinna has shown me the utmost care and consideration, ensuring that she is ahead of the game when it comes to planning our sessions together. This is my first baby so I have encountered new experiences every week with the changes to my body, mobility and emotion. Corinna has been in tune with all these events, ensuring that I maintain a thorough workout without harming myself or the baby. I generally partake in sessions with other clients and this has never caused an issue as everyone gets individual attention throughout the hour, making the whole experience very personal. Coastal Pilates Boutique has strengthened my body, taking the pressure off my back by helping with improved posture, given me increased pelvic floor control and generally assisted with flexibility and energy levels. I have no doubt that I will be in better shape for ‘labour day’ and cannot thank Corinna enough for this”.

  • “I started Coastal Pilates Boutique with Coastal Pilates Boutique Boutique when I was 4 months pregnant. I had always regularly worked out at the gym and had a personal trainer but found it too much once I fell pregnant. I also had a lot of lower back pain and sciatica as my pregnancy progressed. I found Coastal Pilates Boutique very comfortable to do on the reformer machines, even as my belly grew as most of the exercises I was doing I was able to lay on my side for. I ended up doing my last class 5 days before my baby arrived! All of the exercises are very safe and helped a lot with my back pain and posture as I grew. I felt like although I wasn’t doing much compared to what I was used to, my body was still staying toned and I think it has made it a lot easier for me to get back to my pre-baby body. I would definitely recommend Coastal Pilates Boutique with Corinna for pregnant woman”.

  • “Corinna Hancock you are a true professional with real integrity. Anyone who can get three old birds to be quiet and love their exercise is a true champion. So enjoying the high quality individual service from Coastal Pilates Boutique Boutique and the gentle caring way you go about helping people improve their outlooks. Never forget the quiet achievers make a big difference. Life is good CH, big thanks!”

  • “My first class on Thursday last. How lovely and relaxing for first class. I know it will get tougher so am enjoying the lead up. xx”

    Annette Poke
  • “Corinna is skilled, takes time to correct postures and is so much fun to train with. I look forward to my classes and have felt a huge improvement in strength. With no judgement and patience, Corinna shares her knowledge, stories and is committed to ensuring you are the best you can be …plus ++++ she has the best giggle! Coastal Pilates Boutique gives you definition, strength and courage. I love it! I can wear short, shorts! Reformer is fun, Low impact, & easy on joints – Coastal Pilates Boutique for life ! The best studio with friends.”

    LiLi Summer
    Project Manager
  • “Finally after seven years of suffering with chronic fatigue syndrome I had my first personal training session that made me feel energised, not Fatigued. It was tough and challenging. However, Corrina listened to my needs and worked with me, making it an enjoyable workout. I Woke up today feeling a little sore, but not exhausted like I normally feel after a hard gym session. I can’t wait till my next session… Thanks Corrina.”

    Vicki Campagnolo

Studio Locations

Burleigh Heads

88 West Burleigh Road
Burleigh Heads Q 4220

Paradise Point

Upstairs, Corner Grice & Falkinder Av
Paradise Point Q 4216